The Reviews Are In!

Check out what the press is saying about Lindsay's triumphant opening night in Tucson!

"Certainly it should be noted that Lindsay Roberts, who stepped in for Felicia Boswell in the lead role of Felicia, was an absolute knock-out. The word understudy should never be used next to Lindsay Roberts’ name. She grabbed her role by the scruff of its neck, slung it around over her head and hurled it out into the audience."


"Felicia was played by Lindsay Roberts, who stepped into the role for Felicia Boswell on Tuesday. It can’t be easy for an understudy to take over on an opening night, but it was clear that Roberts knew what she was doing. And can sing very, very well.
Other cast standouts include..."

-Cast, choreography make 'Memphis' exuberant, fun, AZ Starnet